Plant blindness is actually a problem

May 28, 2019

As brands intertwine themselves with our daily lives, there is a phenomenon occurring that may be a concern. Plant blindness is the inability for many millennials to identify at least 10 plants native to their countries even though they can recognize tens if not hundreds of corporate logos unmistakably. As your chosen Tulsa irrigation systems experts, we thought we would shed some light on this emerging problem that a few years ago was not even recognized as a real thing.

People who are plant blind cannot appreciate the flora and fauna

Now that you know what plant blindness is, you can agree as well that this is not just a problem that plagues the young people. Older people also face the same problem. According to the Botanical Society of America, those who have plant blindness fail to recognize the importance of plants in their surroundings. Such a person would be unable to appreciate the biological features and aesthetic qualities that plants possess.

What is the cause for plant blindness?

The human mind can only remember what it perceives to be important and for the normal person who has to go to work every morning, there are other priorities that rank higher than the green industry. Forget about irrigation system repair for a second and picture your routine ride to work. You have used this same route for years and you can almost remember every store at the intersections that you normally stop at. This is the human mind. There is no such thing as photographic memory and we remember experiences, events and objects better if they are of use to us in some way.

We all need to overcome plant blindness

People who work in the agricultural industry in one way or another know well how the changing climate and environments affect plants. Those who interact directly with plants are even more aware of these implications. It is much easier to ignore the whole debate about climate change if you are not used to seeing them on a daily basis. While having plants in your environment helps in many ways, knowing their common and scientific names will help you connect with your environment better.

Learn about plants

The first change that needs to happen is about the society and what importance it places on the conservation of the natural environment. We need more elementary education about plants. The best place to start though, would be with the self. Make an effort to learn about the plants that grow around you first. You can learn a lot about plants by visiting a botanical garden where all the plants grown are labelled and a little information given about them. In order to make substantial steps in our efforts to conserve water and other resources that are critical in our daily lives, we need to do more to connect with the environment we live in.

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Plant blindness is actually a problem

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