How your irrigation system is failing

February 28, 2019

Having a good irrigation system offers a lot of benefits to an individual. Not only does the system supply the crops with sufficient water but it also ensures all the crops are healthy, thus increasing their nutrient values. If the irrigation system is damaged or perhaps leaking, the result is huge loses in terms of the cost of repair and unhealthy crops.

Sprinkler systems regularly water or turf the grass in a leveled manner. If hand watering or hose watering is in spots, then something is wrong. Some commonly known signs that an irrigation system may be damaged are dying lawns, wet spots, dripping valves, high water bills, and heavy water flow.

  1. Sprinklers

    Spots in the grass, which seem to be flattened down or even wet usually indicates that there is a problem with the drainage or irrigation system. The grass blades may also wilt, and the dead patches often follow. These are some of the signs that some areas are getting little water. Excessive, steady moisture on the plant roots destroys root tissues, which in turn leaves the grass unable to take in water and nutrients.

  2. Dripping Valves

     Correctly working valves should not drip or even leak.  Grass and dirt clippings, which accumulate on equipment, regularly lead to leaks. The damp parts around the pressure filters and regulators are indicators of failure. Clean up the equipment from time to time to prevent this malfunction.

  3. Water Flow

    Irregular water flow is usually caused by a clog or leakage. Turn your Tulsa irrigation system and see how the water spreads. If the pressure of the water is lower than normal, it could be caused by pipe failure or the sprinkler system not intersecting. If bubbling or gurgling occurs, there is the possibility of a leakage in the irrigation system.

    Inspect the main parts of the equipment in case of leakage. Any exposed sprinkler pipe heads are prone to harm. It is crucial to ensure that the nozzles are not buried or clogged.

                 Water pressure determines the water flow of the sprinkler. Little pressure does not convey sufficient water to every area, and a lot of pressure prematurely frazzles out the equipment. With this damage in the system, the sprinklers may work poorly.

  4. High Costs

A rather high monthly water bill often indicates a serious issue in the irrigation system. An increment in usage could be the result of a leak that lets water get away from the pipes. A weak pressure regulator forces a lot of excess water through the system, and an unequal control valve can exacerbate the problem.


There are a lot of indicators as to the malfunction of an irrigation system.  You should always be keen to fix problems before severe damage is caused. That way, you get to save on time, money and other resources. Contact Tulsa Sprinkler Systems and let’s help where we can.

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