Solving problems facing irrigation

December 27, 2018

Irrigation, either on a small lawn or a large field of crops faces various challenges. Most of these challenges have been solved by incorporating other techniques or adjusting the method. Tulsa Irrigation Systems offers irrigation systems as well as irrigation system repair. Some challenges include; Over drafting In areas where underground aquifers are used, the use of electric or diesel motors allow water to be pumped out faster th... Continue Reading

Winterizing your sprinkler system

November 30, 2017

When winter comes, homeowners are always prepared for the falling temperatures. Weatherization activities begin before the first freeze as both the inside and outside of the home are readied for chilly temperatures. A lot of folks will remember to have the heating system checked but forget about the sprinkler system. However, winterizing your sprinkler system is just as important as having everything else prepped for the cold weather. Tulsa sp... Continue Reading

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