Tulsa Irrigation Systems April 12

Tulsa Irrigation Systems April 12

November 12, 2018

Reclaiming your yard from drainage issues- When is it time to call in the Pros? While Proper irrigation helps homeowners achieve an attractive green lawn and healthy shrubs for curb appeal, too much water in the wrong areas can render your yard nearly unusable and even damage your home. Minor adjustments to an irrigation system can address some smaller issues, but larger problems can require drainage systems installed by knowledgeable professi... Continue Reading

3 Ways to Customize a Tulsa Irrigation System for your Home

3 Ways to Customize a Tulsa Irrigation System for your Home

May 28, 2015

Whether you are looking to install a new irrigation system, or you want to improve an outdated system, there are many ways to customize the process. Working with a Tulsa area expert can let you install the best sprinkler system for your yard, when you consider the following aspects: Zones that match your space If your lot is a perfect square with simple needs, zones can be easily configured. But, if your lot is irregular shaped, has a slope or ... Continue Reading

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