New technologies in irrigation helping tackle challenges

May 02, 2019


The world’s population is growing at a pace unprecedented in the history of humanity. Of course, this just goes to show how far we have come as a race to the point we are at. While it is encouraging to see the human race thrive better than ever before, it also raises concerns when it comes to resources. Our planet is straining to provide resources for our enormous numbers. Food and water are two of the main resources that researchers say are on a rapid decline.

In light of this news, innovators in the agricultural sector are stepping up to the plate and coming up with new agricultural techniques that could not come at a better time. Technology has always played a big role in coming up with new ways of doing things in agriculture. One of the biggest ways in which technology is applied in agriculture is though irrigation and future developments are speculated to be focused in the same direction.

For those using Tulsa irrigation systems, this comes as good news. Everything is ripe for large scale agriculture in the area with the potential of registering high numbers in yields on a regular basis. In the United States, up to 80% of the surface water used in agriculture is sourced from irrigation.

Water usage

Livestock rearing has also been shown to degrade the planet in its own ways, especially our love for red meat whose production is expensive in various ways. In terms of agriculture, water usage is one of the main concerns because the current systems are full of wastages that need to be overhauled rather than fixed.

In irrigation systems, the water flow pressure is high and many cubic meters of water are delivered in a matter of hours. Regulating the way this water is used around the farm can conserve water to a great extent. Water meters are designed to perform this duty and there are a number of meter builds, the most popular being ultrasonic and magnetic types.

A water meter is built for accuracy. You can be sure to monitor the way you use water in your farm. Additionally, you can also rely on it to keep tabs on how much water your agriculture project is using up.

There is no special prerequisite

One of the reasons you will thank yourself for installing the meter is that there are no special requirements for installing it. Any suggestions you get for special installation needs will only use up your time and probably direct you to install the meter the wrong way.

Need repairs or installations? Call us!

We offer sprinkler system repair as well as many other services that every irrigation scheme would find useful for the daily running of their system. We have seasoned professionals who have helped many business-minded agriculturalists turn their visions into moneymaking projects that also provide the food security that our communities so badly need. Our services include large scale and small-scale projects. We invite clients of all kinds to reach out to us for any installation work around the farm, whether  large or small scale.


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New technologies in irrigation helping tackle challenges

The world’s population is growing at a pace unprecedented in the history of humanity. Of course, this just goes to show how far we have come ...

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