Preparing your Sprinkler System and other Winter Lawn Care Tips

November 12, 2016

If you’re a homeowner excited to put away the mower until next spring, you’re definitely not alone. The last of the leaves should soon be collected and your weekends quickly reclaimed from hours of yardwork. Before you seal up the garden shed for the season, roll up the hoses or turn off your sprinkler system, make sure you have addressed these tips for winter lawn care: Fertilizing is not just for summer Many grasses require one la... Continue Reading

Getting your Tulsa Irrigation System Ready for Winter

October 16, 2016

With winter quickly approaching it’s easy to think about sweatshirts, jackets, hats and gloves for ourselves, but is your home ready? One important home maintenance task to get completed is verifying if your sprinkler system (and exterior faucets) should be winterized before freezing temps arrive. Even though Tulsa escapes some of the more dramatic freezes, making sure your system is protected is still important. If you’ve never had ... Continue Reading

Sprinkler Systems in Tulsa Key to Minimizing Inconsistent Irrigation

August 27, 2016

Your lawn and landscaping may need a lot of water to be healthy, but consistency can be just as important as the amount. While you could attempt to haul hoses, manage time and try to measure against recent rainfall, there are many benefits to automating the process with a Tulsa sprinkler system that you should consider as well: Duration of Irrigation Important Unless you set a timer for the exact same amount each time you put a manual sprinkle... Continue Reading

The Risk of Putting off Tulsa Sprinkler System Repair

August 21, 2016

If you haven’t had to haul hoses and sprinklers around your yard for a while, you may have forgotten how much convenience a sprinkler system adds. Like any part of maintenance around your home, over time this important property improvement can become in need of repair. While some homeowners overlook initial signs, the sooner you get a repair made, the sooner your system can begin to operate correctly again. And although you may immediately... Continue Reading

3 Common Reasons Homeowners Need Professional Tulsa Sprinkler System Repair

August 07, 2016

Your Tulsa sprinkler system is one of the most convenient improvements you can make to your property. The days of moving hoses to try to avoid any dry spots while balancing the timing of each section are over. Of course, like any aspect of homeownership, repairs and maintenance can be needed over time. Some of the most common reasons you may need professional Tulsa sprinkler system repair include: Broken or Damaged Sprinkler Heads Over time, ... Continue Reading

There is Still Time to Get Your Lawn Healthy Before Fall Comes

July 24, 2016

It’s hot outside. If you’ve escaped this summer heatwave by remaining indoors in the comfort of a high powered AC unit, think about how miserable your lawn must be. While it may seem like this summer is a lost opportunity to have the lush, green yard want – it is not too late turn your lawn around and get it on track. There are a few different aspects to consider including the benefits of adding a Tulsa sprinkler system: Automa... Continue Reading

Unplanned Fountains, Dry Spots and Other Signs You Need Tulsa Sprinkler System Repair

June 28, 2016

A fountain can be a focal point in any garden, but if you did not incorporate one into your landscape plans, chances are you need to call in a Tulsa area professional for sprinkler system repair. While water shooting up from a sprinkler head is an obvious sign your irrigation needs to be inspected, there are other more subtle indications you should be concerned with as well. Some of those include: Zones that are drier than others Your lawn shou... Continue Reading

Signs your Tulsa Area Lawn is Thirsty for a Sprinkler System

June 26, 2016

Summer is here. By now you’ve likely unpacked your shorts, turned up AC in your house and you are ready to lounge poolside or lakeside. While you may enjoy this time of year, your lawn is working overtime to stay green and lush. If keeping your lawn watered has been a challenge, you might see these signs that your lawn or landscape is thirsty for a sprinkler system: Dry patches If your lawn is not being evenly watered there may be areas t... Continue Reading

Explore the Value an Irrigation System can add to your Tulsa home

June 19, 2016

There are many improvements you can make to the lawn and landscaping of your Tulsa area home to add to the curb appeal. Protecting those investments is important through proper maintenance, and one essential step is providing adequate watering. If you have been planning changes to your property, consider these benefits of an irrigation system as part of the project: You can spend less time on manual watering Although it may not seem like irriga... Continue Reading

4 Steps to Make Your Tulsa Sprinkler System More Efficient

May 24, 2016

Adding a sprinkler system to your Tulsa area home can be an instant way to make some of your lawn care process easier, more effective and more consistent. While automation is a good start, even the best systems need to be planned and operated correctly to get the maximum efficiency. Consider these steps if you currently have a sprinkler system or you are planning to have a system installed in the future: Learn the best time to water Ask a prof... Continue Reading

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