Evaluating Drainage Essential Before Installing a New Tulsa Sprinkler System

April 30, 2016

Choosing a sprinkler system for your Tulsa area home can be a great first step in achieving an attractive green lawn and healthy shrubs to increase the curb appeal of your property. While irrigation is an essential component, too much water in the wrong areas can render your yard nearly unusable and even damage your home. Some smaller issues can be corrected by making simple adjustments to an existing sprinkler system, but larger problems may r... Continue Reading

The secret to a near perfect lawn may not as hidden as people think

April 17, 2016

On nearly every block, there is the home with the seemingly perfect lawn that is green, lush and healthy looking. If you are wondering how to get your lawn on the path to greatness, start by evaluating what you have identified for preventative and ongoing maintenance and the actual execution of those plans. After reviewing how you take care of your yard, if you are concerned about lack of proper irrigation, then a installing a sprinkler system or... Continue Reading

3 Reasons to Install a Sprinkler System at Your Tulsa Area Home

April 09, 2016

There are a lot of home improvement projects that come up as spring rolls in, many of them involve the lawn or landscaping. As you evaluate your property for summer projects take the time to consider the irrigation of the space. If your home does not currently have a sprinkler system, there are many reasons to contact a professional to learn more about installation. Some of the benefits of a sprinkler system include: A more efficient irrigation... Continue Reading

Figuring a Tulsa Sprinkler System into Your Backyard Renovation

April 03, 2016

If you are planning a backyard renovation at your Tulsa area home, this is an ideal time to evaluate your property's sprinkler system. The current system will likely need adjustments to better align with the new layout and functionality of the space. For homeowners without irrigation, this is an opportune time to work with a professional to integrate a system with the plans. Some adjustments to your sprinkler system may be simple, such as instal... Continue Reading

Convenience is Just One Benefit of a Tulsa Irrigation System

March 26, 2016

Maybe you like the early mornings, getting up going outside and dragging hoses around your property to make sure your lawn and plants are watered before the afternoon sun comes in. Chances are you would rather be sleeping, or taking that time to hit the gym and start your day. Regardless of how you want to spend the first hours of the day, adding an Irrigation System to your Tulsa area home can provide the convenience of getting your property pro... Continue Reading

Include Your Home’s Sprinkler System in Your Spring Yard Maintenance

March 07, 2016

The weather is warming up and for those homeowners who enjoy outdoor work, spring is right around the corner. While the soil may not be ready to work yet, there are several steps you can take to start getting your yard ready for the season. Picking up branches, removing last year’s annual plants and evaluating which perennials appear to be coming back this year. While some people enjoy those tasks, if your schedule is full or you prefer to... Continue Reading

Pressure Loss and Other Signs Your Sprinkler System Needs Repair

February 29, 2016

Once you install a sprinkler system at your Tulsa area home, you can enjoy the convenience of not hauling hoses or having to manually monitor your irrigation. While that system should be low maintenance, over time exposure to the elements and everyday wear and tear from foot traffic or mowing can damage elements of your system. When concerns arise that your irrigation system may have been compromised, calling in a professional can help you troubl... Continue Reading

Tips For Planning a New Tulsa Sprinkler System

February 08, 2016

Choosing a new sprinkler system for your Tulsa area home can be a welcome addition for convenience or the offer the opportunity to replace a broken or poorly performing setup. While there are many benefits, taking the time to properly plan out the installation can be appreciated now and for years to come. Before you settle on a basic option, take the time to plan. Some factors to consider are: Determining the right number of zones Working with ... Continue Reading

Simple Problems that Can Harm Your Irrigation System

January 22, 2016

When you think about the Tulsa weather, having an irrigation system that is operating at peak performance is essential in those hot summer months. If you winterized your system, but noticed some concerns, consider contacting the professionals for a system inspection after the freeze, but before the temperatures rise. If you are unsure what could be the problem, here are some simple issues that many homeowners encounter: Obstructions These c... Continue Reading

Planning a New Yard in the New Year…Do Not Forget the Irrigation System

January 04, 2016

The new year is here, and if you are eagerly awaiting spring to revamp your landscaping, an irrigation system should be part of the plan. New landscaping can add curb appeal to your Tulsa area home, increase privacy and let you create an outdoor entertaining space. To make the most of those potential benefits, think about the long term maintenance for the project. If your home currently has an irrigation system, take this opportunity for an upg... Continue Reading

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