3 Signs Your Irrigation System Needs Repairs

December 15, 2015

Irrigation systems are generally a low maintenance home improvement that you can enjoy for both functionality and convenience. Over time both the Tulsa elements and everyday wear and tear on your lawn can damage systems, even if you are diligent about maintenance. If you have concerns about the sprinklers at your Tulsa area home, call in a professional. While your system may be off for the winter, if you noticed any of these issues make sure ... Continue Reading

3 Tulsa Sprinkler System Mistakes to Avoid

November 26, 2015

If the idea of not having to move hoses and set sprinklers to keep your lawn looking great appeals to you, then you understand the value of a sprinkler system for your Tulsa area home. While it may seem pretty standard for installation, there are some common mistakes that you can avoid by working with an expert and creating a custom setup for your space. Three mistakes to avoid with a sprinkler system include: Not including a rain sensor Y... Continue Reading

4 Reasons to Design a Tulsa Irrigation System for next Spring

November 23, 2015

It’s the time of year when businesses start to close out their books and look into the upcoming year for expenses, and it’s likely you might be reviewing your household budget as well. If you are deciding which home improvements to make next year, consider the value of an irrigation system for your Tulsa area home. Some of the benefits to consider include: Convenience If you are one of the few homes on your block without an irriga... Continue Reading

Add an irrigation System to Protect the Investment in Your Lawn and Landscaping

November 09, 2015

If you have priced out a materials to improve the look for your lawn and landscaping, you know how quick those costs can add up. If you are hiring a professional for the installation, then the cost for labor is also a factor. Those improvements can enhance the curb appeal of your Tulsa area home and the enjoyment of your outdoor living space. If you don’t currently have an irrigation system, consider how an installation can protect that inv... Continue Reading

Consider an Irrigation System to Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal

October 18, 2015

Curb appeal literally begins where your lawn touches the curb and extends to the top of your home. From property line to property line, there are many elements that contribute to a great exterior presentation of your residence and your yard. If your lawn if decreasing the first impression of your home, or you are embarrassed to entertain outdoors, consider if an irrigation system can help. Reasons homeowners select opt for this home improvement i... Continue Reading

Preparing for Fall with Sprinkler System Repair

September 27, 2015

While many homeowners focus on getting sprinkler system repairs completed in the spring to be ready for the hot summer months, fall is an especially important time too. Winterization is often viewed as making sure the lines are empty, but putting off repairs should not wait. You can inspect the system yourself, or call in a professional for a more thorough evaluation. Some of the most common repairs you may need are listed below: • Crac... Continue Reading

Avoid Installing a One-Size-Fits All Irrigation System

September 14, 2015

Chances are your yard is not the exact same shape or size as every other house on the block. You could have more landscaping, a slope or other differentiators that will require calling in a Tulsa area professional to create an irrigation system Tulsa that matches your property. Some ways to get the most of your investment include: Selecting components for each element of your yard If the sprinkler systems you are familiar with are basic irrigat... Continue Reading

Is your Tulsa Sprinkler System Efficient for Water Conservation?

August 30, 2015

It may sound counterproductive to talk about water conservation with the automated sprinkler system for your Tulsa area home or business, but you may be missing out on simple ways to cut down your water usage and still have lush landscaping. Some options for making the system more efficient can include: Changing out specific sprinkler heads There is no one size-fits-all sprinkler head that will work for every area of your lawn, garden, flower b... Continue Reading

Tips for a Successful Backyard Renovation

August 24, 2015

The term renovation is often associated with kitchens or bathrooms, but don’t neglect the exterior of your home. A successful backyard renovation for your Tulsa home is about much more than landscaping and your plan should also focus on the upkeep and irrigation to protect the investment you make. Some tips to manage the process include: Decide how much maintenance you can manage If you do your own yardwork it is essential to make selecti... Continue Reading

Maximize the efficiency of your sprinkler system

July 15, 2015

Adding a sprinkler system to your Tulsa area home is a convenient way to keep your lawn and plants properly hydrated. While you will notice the improvement to the watering process when you install the system, working with a team of experts can help you truly understand how to make the most of this investment you have made. Understand how much water your yard needs. There are a few simple factors to this. First, you need to learn how much your m... Continue Reading

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