There may be any number of reasons why you decided to install a fence on your property in Tulsa. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of having a white picket fence. Maybe you’re tired of the neighbor’s dog digging up your roses or your dog digging up the neighbor’s roses. Perhaps you and your spouse like to enjoy a romantic evening by the pool and your neighbor likes to watch or maybe your neighbor is a diehard member of the Polar Bear club and enjoys skinny-dipping in the heart of winter. All of these are pretty good reasons to put in a fence. In fact, according to a poem by Robert Frost, "Good fences make good neighbors," and most of us find this to be true, but a good fence is much more than that. Installing a fence in Tulsa can add privacy, security, beauty and value to your property. But what kind of fence makes the most sense for you wood, metal, vinyl or PVC composite.

Wood fencing

Although very traditional and inexpensive wood fencing does require regular maintenance and upkeep. Once a wooden fence is installed it will require waterproofing with a sealant to protect it against moisture. A wooden fence will need to be re-sealed or painted every one to three years. However, fences made with large wooden sheets score high for privacy while split rail fences made from Redwood or Cedar at a rustic appeal to any home.

Metal fencing

When thinking about metal fencing the first thing that comes to mind is probably chain-link or aluminum. And although both chain-link and aluminum are excellent fence materials since they call for almost no maintenance and get the job done as far as keeping things in or out neither one is very aesthetic. This category however also includes wrought iron which can be extremely decorative although it will need to be painted regularly to seal it against rust.

Vinyl or PVC fencing

Although one of the most expensive choices on our list vinyl or PVC fencing can also be a very popular choice since it is totally maintenance free, easy to keep clean and durable. In fact vinyl or PVC fencing can last as much as 50 years or more. Vinyl or PVC fencing comes in a huge variety of decorative styles and rate high for privacy.


The newest type of fence available on the market today, composites are created using a combination of wood fibers and recycled plastics making them a “green” choice. Composite fences look and feel just like any traditional wooden fence but needs much less maintenance.

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