French Drain System Tulsa Oklahoma

If you’re tired of finding your basement submerged in water or having a soggy yard, then installing a French Drain System might be the answer you are looking for. Here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we are blessed to live in a state with temperate weather that lasts all year-round. We have our fair share of sunny and rainy days, but sometimes there are instances where flooding may occur.

Flooding can have a major impact on a house if left unchecked. It can damage the structure of the house, lead to cracking in walls and cement, submerge your basement in water and damage your valuables, and even allow mold to grow everywhere. Any level of flooding can be a disastrous nightmare for a homeowner, as it can be expensive to repair and can also affect the health of you and your loved ones.

Luckily, installing a French Drain System can help alleviate some of your homeowner-related stress by preventing any damage caused by flooding. You may be asking yourself what a French Drain System is. It is a carefully sloped and engineered trench in which a perforated pipe is placed and the remaining trench filled with gravel. It is designed to redirect surface water and groundwater away from your home and into a drainage system or a septic tank sewage treatment system. Alternatively, it can also lead water into a dry well or rain garden and allow plants to absorb the unwanted water.

Preparing your home for a French Drain System is simple. We will properly measure the trench and determine the diameter of pipe to fit the needs of your home. Once we’ve dug the trench and determined the proper angles, we will begin the process of building your French Drain System. We use a combination of industry-indicated materials including gravel, sand, crushed stone, and landscape fabric to ensure maximum function of your French Drain System. Water drains through into the surrounding aggregates, preventing an overflow. This is possible because of the high permeability (condition in which a substance allows liquids or gases to pass through) of gravel.

We use high-quality drain pipe to allow for years of maintenance-free use of your drain system. We ensure that dirt and roots will have a nearly impossible time entering the pipes, giving you excellent return on your investment. We make sure your French Drain system is carefully placed and designed so it won’t detract from your gorgeous Tulsa landscaping.

While it is possible to complete this job without the aid of an expert, but we strongly recommend seeking help from a professional to ensure a satisfactory job is done. This will give you peace of mind, knowing that it was done by the experts – in the long run this will save you a lot of time and money. If you are ready to invest in a French Drain System, be sure to give us a call – we are the go to experts for high quality landscaping installments in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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