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Your home is not just a place for you keep your things; it is your sanctuary, the place you go to relax and unwind from the everyday cares and worries, and a big part of your home is your yard. It’s the first thing you see when you pull into the driveway and should reflect your personality with a landscaping scheme that welcomes you day and night. A well-designed and implemented night lighting system can showcase your home and transform your property into a breathtaking visual work of art that is as beautiful as it is functional.

A night lighting system is not just for aesthetics it can also enable you to safely use your outdoor space at all hours for family barbecues, garden parties or simply relaxing in the evening. Proper lighting can also make your home much more secure. It can shed light on dark walkways and paths making them safer for family and friends to navigate as well as provide some security from intruders who prefer to work in the dark. Night lighting can also enhance your homes curb appeal and architecture improving its market value.

Now that you understand what some of the benefits are to night lighting for your landscape is time to consider what type of lighting will work best for your unique situation. Currently there are four different types of night lighting available solar, incandescent, halogen and LED. Each has its own pros and cons and can even work well together.


Solar powered lights use the sun to recharge this makes them very economical however because they usually do not have a large battery they are not very bright, do not come in any colors and do not last all night. Solar power lights also often have a fairly short life expectancy.


Incandescent lighting offers very bright light for moderate price can be used with a timer and generally lasts 750 to 2000 hours. The only real problem with incandescent lighting is that it usually requires hard wiring which can damage nearby landscaping.

Halogen lighting

Halogen lighting offers excellent light for low-cost, can be used with a timer comes in different colors and the bulbs can last from 30,000 to 50,000+ hours. Halogen lighting is highly recommended as an ideal choice for outdoor night lighting.


The newest technologies and LED lighting allows for reduced energy costs while still providing plenty of illumination. LED lighting may cost a little more to install initially but uses approximately a fourth of the energy the traditional light bulbs can. LED light bulbs can also be economical because that will last for 10 years or longer. Just a few other advantages of LED lighting includes the ability to use them with a timer, dimmer switch so that you can reduce the brightness and a wide variety of colors. With LED lighting you can go from practical to romantic in seconds with the flip of a switch.

Extreme Landscaping and Irrigation can help you with your night lighting from design to implementation. With numerous options for fixtures and colors as well as years of experience our expert crew can make sure that your landscape night lighting caters to both your needs and your mood.

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