Designing and implementing landscaping projects around your Tulsa, Oklahoma home can be fun and rewarding. In fact the sheer beauty and atmosphere of a well-thought-out landscaping design is well worth the effort however, it can also be difficult, stressful and frustrating. Why not let us help. At Extreme Irrigation & Lawn we offer a vast array of services to meet all of your landscaping needs.

Irrigation systems

Water is the nectar of life and without sufficient amounts of it your landscaping could wilt, wither and die leaving your yard to look like a war zone. A correctly functioning irrigation system can keep your landscaping beautiful even during the hottest months. If you need a new irrigation system for your current system is not working efficiently we can install or repair yours. For more information about irrigation systems click here.

Drainage Systems

Although water is the nectar of life too much of it in the wrong places can cause serious problems. Water pooling and puddling around your foundation can lead to foundation problems or wood rot. Water in the wrong places can also be a real nuisance. No one wants to slog through mud to get into the house nor do they want to spend hours cleaning it up. If you have water pooling and puddling around your home where it’s not wanted then it may be a good idea to click here for more information about drainage systems.

Night Lighting

The right night lighting can add romance, security and pizzazz to your landscaping why not speak with a landscaping lighting expert to find out how night lighting can enhance and add value to your property? For more information about the advantages of night lighting click here.

At Extreme Irrigation & Lawn we pride ourselves on providing quality service for all of you irrigation needs and can repair any irrigation system. With a full range of premier landscaping and irrigation services for single residences, apartment complexes, residential communities, commercial properties and municipalities, our team is dedicated to bringing you unparalleled professionalism, dependability, creativity and expertise no matter the size or complexity of your project.

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With over 15 years experience and countless satisfied customers Extreme Irrigation & Lawn can completely beautify your property.

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