Irrigation System Repair Tulsa

A sprinkler system offers convenience for keeping your lawn and garden properly hydrated through the hot Tulsa summer, so when it is not operating correctly calling in a professional for irrigation repair can help. There are many reasons irrigation systems get damaged and troubleshooting the problem is often the first step. Some reasons to call include:

  • • Cracked or damaged sprinkler heads
  • • Low pressure in some areas or the complete system
  • • Sprinkler heads not popping up
  • • Water bubbling up or pooling in an area
  • • Pipes that are known to be crushed or leaking
  • • Backflow valve concerns
  • • Rain Sensor malfunctions
  • • Timers not operating correctly
  • • Zones not working
  • • Issues with the sprinkler box

The cause of a sprinkler system not operating properly can be from several different factors. When you think of everything your lawn goes through, consider how that can damage an irrigation system. Sprinkler heads are a common item addressed in irrigation repair since they can be run over if near a driveway or clipped by lawn maintenance equipment. Other issues take place below the surface, but their presence is felt throughout the system.

Getting the proper parts for your system is an important part of irrigation repair. Older systems can be a challenge to get pieces for sometimes, so the size of the repair can dictate the overall solution and amount of work that will be needed. Even in newer systems, getting the right component is key in maintaining a system now and for years to come.

Whether your repair is obvious or requires a professional to diagnose the problem, this can be an appropriate time to check out the entire system to identify potential problems before they get out of control. Irrigation repair is about more than just what you can see, it can be a diagnostic of your complete sprinkler system, or a time to discuss the maintenance needs.

At Extreme Irrigation & Lawn, we have been helping homeowners and business owners for more than 15 years by installing, maintaining and repairing sprinkler systems of all sizes. We understand the toll the extreme Tulsa weather can take on these systems, and are ready to provide the irrigation repair you need to get your system running at its full potential.

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