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The importance of hydration to keep lush, healthy grass cannot be overstated. While natural rainfall is a good water source, you still need a sound sprinkler system to get the best benefits. What happens, though, if your system fails?


We’ll go through some of the most frequent sprinkler system repair difficulties and solutions in this article.


Identifying the Problems 

Recognizing the warning signals is the first step in determining whether or not you require sprinkler system repair. These may include a shocking increase in your water bill, broken control valves, uneven watering, lack of pressure, and even spluttering sprinkler heads. If that is the case, your system may have one of these problems:



If there is a leak, you will have to hire a lawn sprinkler repair service to dig into the soil, expose the pipes, and find where the problem is. They will then replace the broken tubes with new ones, but keep in mind that entire sections of the line may need to be replaced depending on the leak. Aside from the pipes, they will also inspect the sprinkler heads.


Broken Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads are prone to cracking and breaking, but repair is quite simple. First, look for apparent indications of cracking or fracture on the sprinkler head, usually found on the plastic casing. Then, turn the system off before you start digging the soil around the head. Make sure to hold onto pieces of sod so you may restore them later on.


It’s also important to remember that you should remove the sprinkler head from the riser. After that, secure the new head in place. After the process, test it first before you place the soil and pieces of sod back!


Clogged Sprinkler Heads

While checking the heads, you may find that they are not damaged but somewhat clogged. What you can do is remove the faulty head from the riser. After that, separate the head from the canister by pulling it out. 


Inside the head, you’ll see a screen or filter intended to remove any grass, debris, or dirt. Using clean water, rinse the screen and the whole head to get rid of all waste or grime. After that, make sure to put the pieces back together carefully.


Not Enough Water Pressure

You can simply check the pressure in your sprinkler system using a pressure gauge and a few additional methods. When your system is both on and off, it’s critical to check the pressure. The first test you’ll do is a static pressure test, which measures the pressure in your system when it’s at rest. 


When the pressure is at its lowest, carry out the test, then use a pressure gauge to evaluate the system’s upstream and downstream pressures. It’s also a good idea to check the water pressure at the source or the head. This test is often carried out when the sprinkler is activated, though, but make sure to connect the pressure gauge to the valve that is farthest away from the connecting point.



An irrigation system that has been built correctly offers numerous benefits for both you and your lawn. Aside from helping you develop and maintain a beautiful lawn, it will also save you money, time, and energy that you would otherwise spend watering your grass by hand. 


Protecting your yard, plants, and trees from ineffective watering and drought is one of the most obvious advantages. Even as the seasons keep changing, your yard will surely stand out from the rest of your neighborhood.


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