irrigation sprinkler

While installing an automated irrigation and sprinkler system might seem like a straightforward job that anyone can do, it is an activity that, unfortunately, many people underestimate in terms of difficulty. This has led to numerous individuals committing mistakes that leave irrigation and sprinkler systems next to useless. As such, leaving this job to the professionals is generally a good idea, although, with some experience and knowledge, you might still be able to set up a proper irrigation and sprinkler system.

With that said, to ensure that you do not run into the same problems as they do, we want to share with you the mistakes you must avoid when installing an irrigation and sprinkler system:

Mistake 1. Putting the Pipes Too Deep or Too Shallow

One of the most common mistakes people make is putting the pipe too shallow or too deep to be used properly. Pipe trenches specifically for a sprinkler system need to be at least 7 inches deep and no more than 10 inches deep. Anything less than 7 inches, the pipe is at risk of damage from impacts and weight that can crack the pipe. Anything more than 10 inches, then it will be a huge hassle to figure out whether the pipe is damaged or not.

Mistake 2. Not Checking What’s underneath before Digging

Before digging, it is always important to check underneath. Otherwise, if there is a sewer pipe, an electrical cable, or anything else down there, digging straight into it will leave you in deep trouble. In other words, hitting another pipe is a big no when installing an automated irrigation and sprinkler system. As such, always check the location of these pipes before you get digging.

Mistake 3. Not Implementing a Shutoff Device in Case of Rain

When it rains, your irrigation and sprinkler system doesn’t have to kick on as usual. It should stay off as long as water levels are sufficient, only kicking back in when there is a lack of rain. This helps to save plenty of money in the long run, and it can also help you stay away from fines. Most new systems today have such a feature implemented, but if you have an old system, be sure to invest in a shutoff device!

Mistake 4. Trying to Water the Grass and Other Plants Together

It might seem logical to set up the irrigation and sprinkler system in such a way as to water all the plants at once. However, this is a mistake. Different plants require different amounts of water, and plants like trees need more water than grass does. For that reason, it is always vital to dedicate sprinklers for different plants. That way, all the plants get enough water to thrive, so that you don’t end up overwatering or underwatering the plants trying to water everything at once.


There are plenty of other irrigation and sprinkler mistakes that other people make that you must avoid, such as overspraying onto sidewalks, not researching current systems, and more. That said, perhaps the biggest mistake of all is trying to DIY the entire system without prior knowledge or experience. If you find yourself with little to no knowledge on how to set up an irrigation system, we always recommend hiring a professional to help you out. They can set up the system for you to protect your investment and ensure that you can rely on the system to run efficiently and effectively at all times.

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