A house’s exterior matters because it contributes to curb appeal, so any homeowner goes the extra mile to ensure their home looks good from the outside. An excellent first step to achieve this has fresh paint, but having a yard full of lush vegetation and well-maintained landscaping is much more effective. Of course, this requires a sprinkler system in your yard.

A sprinkling system works by watering the lawn and plants with a set amount of water at set intervals by controlling the amount of water being dispersed, ensuring that your plants and lawn receive the right amount of hydration. It also helps conserve water because you do not have to water your plants manually, and it can also save you time because there is no need to spend hours tending to your garden. However, a sprinkler system is the same as any other fixture in your home because it can experience problems. For this reason, one must know the signs a sprinkler system requires repairs or replacement, such as:

#1 – Low or Sunken Head

A low or sunken head is one of the most common signs that a sprinkler system requires repairs or replacement. A sunken head is when the sprinkler head is buried beneath the soil or grass, resulting in an uneven water flow. This can result in dry patches in your lawn and an overall lack of plant hydration.

You must locate the sprinkler head and dig it to fix this issue. Once it is exposed, you can adjust the height of the head to ensure it is at the correct level. If the head has sustained damage, it may need to be replaced to ensure the system is functioning correctly.

#2 – Leaky Control Valves

Leaky control valves are a common problem in sprinkler systems and can lead to wasted water, poor coverage, and damage to the lawn. If a control valve leaks, it will cause water to flow out of the valve and onto the ground, resulting in an uneven distribution of water and a lack of coverage in some areas.

You will need to locate the control valve and shut off the water supply to fix this issue. Once the valve is shut off, you can inspect it and determine if there is a leak or needs to be replaced. If the valve needs to be replaced, you will need to purchase a new one that is compatible with your system and install it.

#3 – Clogs within the Pipes

Clogs are another common problem among sprinkler systems, and they can lead to reduced water pressure, poor coverage, and damage to the lawn. Clogs are caused by debris such as dirt, leaves, and other organic matter that can build up in the pipes over time.

The best way to fix a clog is to locate the clog and remove it manually using a plumbing snake. You can also use a chemical solution to break up the debris and flush it out of the pipe. If the clog is too far down the pipe to reach, you may need to replace the entire pipe. This can be costly, but it is often necessary to ensure the system works properly.

#4 – Uneven Yard Coverage

Sprinkler systems are meant to cover most, if not the entirety, of your lawn evenly, but if the system is not maintained regularly, yard coverage can become uneven. This can be due to issues such as clogged nozzles, broken or misaligned sprinkler heads, or even a lack of proper water pressure.

The first step to addressing uneven yard coverage is to inspect the system and identify any issues. Clogged nozzles can be cleared with a pipe cleaner or a plumbing snake. Broken or misaligned sprinkler heads can be replaced or adjusted. If the water pressure is too low, you may need to check the water lines for leaks or blockages. You should call a professional to look at the system if all else fails.

#5 – Rising Water Bills

Sprinkler systems eat into your water bills, but if they are not maintained correctly, they can cause your water bills to skyrocket. Unmaintained systems can lead to excessive water usage, resulting in a much higher bill than expected.

To prevent high water bills, you must regularly inspect your sprinkler system and ensure it works properly. Look for signs of leaks, clogged nozzles, broken or misaligned sprinkler heads, and other issues. If you notice anything amiss, you should contact a professional to help you diagnose and fix the problem.


A sprinkler system effectively ensures your yard remains green and healthy, but only if it is properly maintained. As such, you must regularly inspect your system to ensure it functions properly and contact a professional to help diagnose and fix it if it experiences any issues. This way, your yard can look its best without breaking the bank on your water bill.

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