sprinkler system

In the past, people who used garden hoses will have to assess whether they’re giving too much or too little water to their plants. Now, a lot of household farmers and landscapers rely on sprinkler systems to water their crops. It is an efficient way to water their plants without exerting much effort outdoors, under the sun. Although garden hoses are practical tools for watering, too, nothing beats modernity and sprinkler systems.

However, as most machines do, sprinkler systems sometimes fail and require quick fixes to ensure they are watering the plants appropriately. It’s easy to spot the signs that it’s time for a maintenance check or repair. Before it gets worse, calling for help right away is the best solution to having a good-as-new sprinkler system. Here are some things you have to look out for: 

Weak Pressure

The most common sign that a sprinkler system has issues is when the water pressure suddenly becomes weak. Although it’s not much of a concern right away since the sprinkler will still shoot water, it can be costly to repair in the long run.

A weak pressure can be an early sign that something is clogging the sprinkler system, possibly debris from the water source. However, before jumping to that conclusion, check first if the water pressure in your area is regular. There are instances where the water pressure can get weak in certain locations, and that’s normal. But if it’s not caused by a weak pressure from your water supply, then it’s time to call for help.

Plant Discoloration

Although plants don’t speak, they will tell you that they are not receiving suitable water every day. The discoloration on the leaves is a common sign that plants receive less water than the required amount to stay hydrated. However, this sign may take a few weeks before manifesting, as plants can still draw moisture from the soil.

Act upon it as soon as your plants exhibit the first signs of underwatering. Check your sprinkler system right away to make sure it’s not causing the issue.

Higher Water Bill

A higher than usual water bill only means one thing—something’s leaking. As soon as you notice your water bill shooting higher every month, try to trace back the reasons that might cause the increase in the statement.

If you’re using a sprinkler system at home, check for leaks through holes or loose valves. Outdated, old, and rusty sprinkler systems are most likely to cause a leak. A good rule to remember is, “If water is dripping from where it shouldn’t, it’s likely a problem.”

Broken and leaking valves may also result in other problems in the long run. The water pressure controller can be damaged and become a way for dirt and grass to enter the irrigation system you have at home. In case any leaks are found, do not hesitate to call a plumber.


A simple water pressure change, higher water bill, or leak is not something to ignore—leaving these simple issues unattended may cause more significant problems if left too long. All it takes is a call to your local sprinkler repair service company, and everything should be back to normal. 

Extreme Irrigation & Lawn cares about every family and business owner’s yard. We also understand that a broken sprinkler system is frustrating and may be damaging to your landscaping. Before the problem gets worse, call in the best. Contact us to request a quote on sprinkler repair in Tulsa