There’s nothing like appreciating the greenery by your home! Apart from the environmental benefits of maintaining a healthy lawn, it also provides peace of mind and raises your property value. Given the benefits of having a beautiful lawn, you must have an irrigation system in place!

What Is an Irrigation System?

An irrigation system is a mechanical setup that delivers water to specific areas of your lawn, such as garden beds and flowerbeds. It is designed to ensure that your greenery is getting the right amount of water needed for it to flourish.

Irrigation systems provide a continuous stream of water to ensure that your lawn is healthy and green all year round. This is done by adjusting water pressure and scheduling when water is injected into the soil.

Why Invest in an Irrigation System

There are many reasons you should invest in an irrigation system for your lawn and garden. Here are some of the main ones:

1. Guaranteed Water Supply

An irrigation system installation may seem excessive to some, as you can solely rely on the weather to keep your grass healthy. However, the weather can be unpredictable, and its uncertainty can put the health of your plants and flowers at stake.

Having an in-ground irrigation system helps prevent water shortage by ensuring that your lawn gets the water it needs at all times.

2. Save Time

Are you that busy person who finds it hard to find time to tend to your lawn? An irrigation system will take care of it! By installing a system, you won’t have to water your lawn manually, and it will be a one-time effort.

Set up an irrigation system, and you can let it run on its own! You can just sit back and watch your lawn turn from brown to green within a few weeks.

3. Accessible Water Source

Many homeowners have to rely on rainwater to maintain their lawns. However, there are instances when it doesn’t rain for weeks, and your lawn is left to wither and die.

You can prevent this by installing an irrigation system. You will have access to an ample amount of water from your home’s water supply. The system will have an underground piping system that will distribute water evenly.

4. Less Effort

Aside from saving you from spending precious time, an irrigation system will also keep you from putting in effort and energy into tending your lawn. Imagine having to water your lawn for two hours every day during the summer. Not only is it tiring, but when you’re done, you have to go back to work and continue with your day.

With an irrigation system, all you have to do is set it up, and you can let it take care of your lawn and plants. How easy is that?


Irrigation systems are practical and convenient. They are an efficient way of keeping your lawn healthy and will save you time and effort in the long run. Make sure to reach out to a reputable irrigation system installation company so that you’ll have a healthy lawn to be proud of!

If you want to have a beautiful lawn all year round, perhaps it’s time to call for irrigation system installation! At Extreme Irrigation & Lawn, we offer a full range of options for fully automated irrigation systems and rely on the most up-to-date technologies for a completely worry-free and reliable system. Request a quote today!