Irrigation systems are a great way to keep your lawn looking healthy and green all year round, but many people wait until the spring to install them. In truth, installing an irrigation system in the fall is more advantageous. 

The ground is still warm so the installation process is quick and easy. The cooler temperatures in the fall won’t stress your plants like the hot summer sun would. Plus, your plants will have time to get established before the cold weather arrives. If you’re thinking of installing an irrigation system this fall, let’s take a deep dive on why you should do it now:

Benefits of Installing an Irrigation System in the Fall

1) Easier to Bury Water Lines

When the ground is warm, it’s much easier to bury water lines. The soil is soft and pliable, making it easy to work with. If you wait until the spring to install your irrigation system, the ground will be much harder and more difficult to work with. This can lead to delays and frustration during the installation process.

If you water your lawn too much in the hotter months, the soil will have trouble absorbing the water and your lawn will not recover as quickly. This is not the case in the fall when the soil is wetter and can absorb more water.

2) Better Soil Conditions

In the fall, the soil is wetter and has higher water content. This means that it is easier to get your irrigation system up and running and that your lawn will recover more quickly from overwatering. 

The soil is also less likely to clog your irrigation system in the fall, which can be a problem in the summer. To install a lawn, you need to make sure the soil is soft enough to work with but not too wet or too dry. This is easiest to do in the fall when the weather is mild.

3) Plants Won’t Be Disturbed

In the fall, plants are in the process of dying back and preparing for winter. This means that there is less of a chance that you will disturb their roots when you are installing your lawn.

4) Fewer Weeds

Weeds are less likely to grow in the fall, which makes it easier to install your lawn. Weeds can be a major problem when installing a lawn, so it is helpful to have a time of year when they are less likely to grow.

5) Cooler Temperatures

The weather is cooler in the fall, which makes it a more comfortable time of year to work outside. You will also be less likely to overheat if you are installing your lawn in the fall.

Tips for Preparing a Fall Installation

To prepare for your irrigation installation, you will need to gather some basic tools and supplies. A saw for cutting down large trees and branches that might get in the way, gloves and trash bags for leaf removal, and pipe cutters, pliers, risers, valves, and timers for the piping installation.


Installing an irrigation system in the fall is a great way to ensure your plants have the water they need to thrive all season long. Not only will this save you time and money, but it will also help you avoid having to water your plants manually. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your irrigation system is installed correctly and is ready to go for the upcoming season.

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