What better way to greet your clients and customers than with an eye-catching property and properly manicured lawn? Everyone enjoys the look of green planters, flowers, and a green lawn and having one will help you create repeat business and customer loyalty. Lawn care like having a proper irrigation on your business property can keep your lawn and gardens looking green and attractive. 

Here are some other benefits of how a proper irrigation system can improve your commercial landscaping: 

1. Saves You Money

An aesthetically attractive business landscape is not only pleasing to the eye, but it also saves your organization money. Irrigation systems that are automated are designed to utilize the appropriate quantity of water without wasting it. In the long term, you will save money on water costs compared to if you were to manually water it. 

2. Provides Environmental Benefits

A current litigation system is not only excellent for your company’s image, but it is also healthy for the environment in many ways. 

Healthy lawns absorb pollutants like ozone, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and a range of other greenhouse gases. This process adds oxygen back into the air, making it seem cleaner. Good grass also develops deep root systems, which help to avoid future soil erosion. Healthy grass and plants have a cooling impact throughout the heat. This natural process reduces the usage of the central air conditioner, which implies that an irrigation system may help you save money on your summer energy bill.

3. Prevents Overwatering

Water sensors, timers, and water gauges are examples of cutting-edge technology used in commercial lawn care. These systems are meticulously controlled to utilize the appropriate quantity of water. Commercial irrigation aims to use as little water as possible. We will be able to manage your business property most efficiently by carefully installing water sprinklers on your grass. These will distribute water evenly on your plants and lawn without over watering or watering unneeded places such as sidewalks.

4. Reduces Weeds and Fungi

Irrigation systems are designed to irrigate particular sections of your business property. Watering the root systems of flowers, trees, and plants requires specialized sprinkler systems, such as drip systems. Watering the roots in this manner also helps decrease the number of weeds that appear on your business property by depriving them of water. Instead, the irrigation system selectively watered the appropriate plants, trees, and shrubs, providing them a competitive edge over weeds. 

Aside from reducing weed growth, an irrigation system may also help prevent the spread of fungus and other plant diseases. Manually watering plants and shrubs may accumulate standing water droplets on the leaves, which promotes fungus growth. You will never have to worry about standing water on your business landscaping since our lawn irrigation systems uniformly distribute water to your plants and bushes.

5. Offers Convenience

Running a company takes time, and the last thing you want to do is mow your lawn. The ease of having a programmed irrigation system is one of its main advantages. It enables you to establish the watering plan weekly or daily and modify the program based on the season. For example, you may program the irrigation system to run daily during the summer and weekly throughout the spring and autumn. 

Irrigation systems that are programmed take the guesswork out of determining how much water your business property requires. Leave it to the sensor systems and timers to distribute the correct quantity of water while your company is running.

Final Thoughts

Commercial lawn care using irrigation incurs extra business costs, but the benefits outweigh the costs. Irrigation systems can help enhance your company’s land look, making it a more pleasant experience for visitors. Investing in irrigation may also help you save money on your water and energy costs and benefit the environment by decreasing water waste.

If you are looking for a new sprinkler system installation in Tulsa, Extreme Irrigation & Lawn can provide it for you! We provide our clients with a completely worry free and reliable system that will continue to operate the way it should for years to come. Request a quote from us today!