It takes the proper research and effort to make a garden thrive. But sometimes, the information we collect about irrigation can be false and even harm our gardens. It’s important to correct any misconceptions to allow your garden to flourish. Here, we’re going to debunk four common irrigation myths.

Myth 1: When a Plant Wilts, You Need to Water It More

This myth is half true. When you see wilted leaves, it’s correct to assume that the leaves need more water on the surface. However, what you should be wary about is adding water to the soil.

Wilting leaves isn’t always a sign of a lack of water in the soil. There are other reasons behind wilted leaves aside from a thirsty plant. Insects in the ground or overaggressive digging can also cause wilting.

Do not automatically assume that you need to water the soil when you see wilted leaves as you may drown the roots. However, you can do a soil test to see if dry soil really is the culprit.

Get a clean, long wooden dowel and insert it vertically into the soil. When you pull it out, and the wooden dowel is mostly clean, the soil is dry. However, if some dirt attaches to the dowel as you pull it out, the soil is moist, and you must not add any more water to it.

Myth 2: You Should Give Plants One Inch of Water Each Week

It’s crucial to know how frequently you need to water your plants. One common misconception is that you need to give plants one inch of water every week. However, this is far from true.

The reality is that all plants are different and have varying needs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to irrigation. So, it’s best to know the specific watering needs of each of your plants to avoid drowning them or drying them out.

Myth 3: Watering with a Sprinkler Is Harmful to the Plants

While watering with a sprinkler might not be the most efficient way to water your plants, it’s also not as harmful as you’d think. In fact, overhead watering using sprinkler systems can actually be good for gardens in dry and windy climates. 

Myth 4: Overhead Watering Can Burn Leaves 

For some reason, many people still believe that overhead watering on a hot day can burn the leaves. People used to think that the water droplets can act as magnifying lenses that can burn the leaves’ surface. However, there is simply no truth behind this statement. In fact, the water probably won’t even stay that long on a hot day because it will evaporate quicker.

But there still may be some harm posed by overhead watering on a hot day. Don’t worry, though, as the risk is only minimal. What may happen is that gardeners would have a harder time telling the amount of moisture taken by the soil as the water evaporates quickly. This could lead to overwatering and drowning of the roots. 

While there’s no way your leaves will end up scorched, it’s still best to wait until the temperature drops to water your garden to avoid overwatering.

Final Thoughts

It’s best to avoid practicing these common irrigation myths as they may pose some harm to your plants. Do your research and practice alternative methods that are better for your plants. And remember, just because a lot of people think it’s right doesn’t automatically mean it’s right.

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