In-ground sprinkler systems are the most efficient way to water your landscape. Outfitted with strategically placed heads and a timed output, an in-ground sprinkler system gives you the utmost control over how and when your yard is watered. After all, a carefully timed sprinkler system uses less water than the lawn’s natural evaporation rate.

Potential buyers wonder how an in-ground sprinkler system works. Let’s examine the process and take a look at how it works.

How Do In-Ground Sprinklers Work? 

An in-ground sprinkler system is a piece of hardware that works with the valves in your home’s plumbing system to deliver water to your yard. Specifically, it’s a part of the irrigation system that keeps your lawn nourished and green.

The way an in-ground sprinkler system works is simple. As water flows through the pipe, it moves through the sprinkler heads. A timer turns on the flow of water and at the right time, the water comes through the heads onto the ground. The water is distributed evenly by the heads, and soon the foliage is nourished and green.

As water flows through the system, the pressure varies depending on the number of heads and the size of the pipe. By adjusting the flow, the water pressure will be equalized and optimal water distribution is ensured. 

Types of In-Ground Water Sources

1) Pump Systems

Though it’s not as common today, it’s still possible to run an in-ground sprinkler system off a pump. Heated water may still be used in some areas.

A pump system uses an electric-powered pump and a gasoline-powered engine. These are the most expensive to install, but they’re also the most powerful and most efficient. Pump systems can be installed in yards with no existing water supply system. These systems are ideal for large yards, for customers with large yards, and for people who live in remote locations.

2) Metered Water Systems

Another option is a metered water system. This type of system is connected to the water supply of the house or property. The water is delivered through the house’s mainline, which runs to the yard.

To maintain a safe water pressure inside the house, the water that goes to the yard is limited by the pressure relief valve. Now, the water is directed to a water meter inside the house. The water meter measures the water being used in the yard and shuts off at a certain time. This kind of system is ideal for customers who want to minimize their water bills.

How the Controller Works

The controller is an important part of an in-ground sprinkler system. The controller is a device that uses electronic timers to control the activation and deactivation of the water flow in the pipes.

The controller works by sending a signal to the valve to open for a certain amount of time. The controller closes the valve, and the sprinkler system starts cycling. The controller will tell the valve to open again at a certain time, and the cycle continues.


An in-ground sprinkler system is the most effective way to water the landscape. It’s ideal for large yards, yards with uneven terrain, and for customers who have trouble watering their yards. It’s also the most efficient system for watering. 

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