Leaks in an irrigation system are inevitable, even if it is maintained well. This comes from its constant use and how it may wear out over time. However, many times, leaks will go unnoticed and could cause you a lot of water waste and money.

With that, there are actually some signs you can look out for to spot irrigation system leaks.  Below are some of those signs:

Increased Water Bill

If there is not a major change in your water usage, then your water bill should remain fairly the same, unless there was sudden inflation of prices from out of nowhere. If your water bill has spiked and you are not sure why, then chances are there may be a leak.

Pools of Water

If you keep finding water pools around your lawn that aren’t being absorbed, despite a lack of rain, then there may be a leak. The continuous leak prevents this water from being absorbed and is forming the pools of water in your ground. Once you notice pools of water forming all of a sudden, then get your irrigation system looked at by a professional.

Mushrooms Growing

Mushrooms often grow out of moisture and places that are constantly wet. If you are starting to see some sudden mushroom growth in your area, then it may be a sign of a leak. Try to check if the ground where the mushroom grew is constantly wet, then try to call for a professional to have your irrigation system looked at.

Dirty Sprinkler Water

Is the water coming out from your sprinklers a little brown or dirty? This may be because the soil is entering the broken lines of your irrigation system. And a broken line means that there is a leak somewhere that you will need to get repaired immediately.

Sinkholes Forming

You may suspect some pests digging out on your lawn because there are sinkholes forming all of a sudden. However, what you may not expect is that these sinkholes could be because of a leak in your irrigation system. The overwatered ground will erode faster than the other ground areas on your property. This is what causes those pesky sinkholes to form and even result in uneven ground levels.

Weaker Sprinklers

Have you noticed that your sprinklers are getting weaker and unable to cover the lawn as they used to? This is not because your sprinkler system is getting old (although that is also a possibility), but it is most likely because of a leak in the irrigation system. The leak changes the water pressure, making the sprinkler system you have weaker than it should be.


No matter how careful you are with your irrigation system, leaks are always inevitable and you will eventually have to deal with them. It is better that you are aware of what signs to look out for that would suggest a leak in your system. Additionally, it is important that you immediately call a professional to deal with whatever leak you have to prevent high costs in your water bill later on. Watch out for leaks in your irrigation system with our guide as they may go unnoticed!

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