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Summertime can be great for people who love to spend some fun under the sun, but it’s not as forgiving for your lawns. The summer heat can dry up our precious gardens and backyards, leaving the grass thirsty for water. That’s why it’s essential to prepare your sprinkler system before summer arrives.

Having a fully functioning sprinkler system is a great way to keep your lawn green and lush in the summer. Plus, a damaged sprinkler system wouldn’t just be bad for the grass, but it can also cost you a lot of money in repairs. So, here are a few ways you can prepare your sprinkler system to be summer-ready.

Check for Leaks

A leak in your sprinkler system could spike your utility bills. So it’s crucial to inspect your sprinklers for any leakage. After turning off your sprinkler system, check around your yard to see if any of the nozzles are leaking water even while the system is off.

Leaks could also occur beneath the soil, and underground water leakage can be pretty bad. For example, if you see any puddles, bubbling water, hollow ground, or water flowing from a particular spot, this could indicate a burst pipe underground. Address the issue as soon as possible as underground water leakage can lead to damage to your home’s foundation.

Ensure All Sprinkler Heads Turn Off as Scheduled

When you own an automated irrigation system, your sprinklers should follow a schedule. This means that after some time, the sprinklers are expected to shut down automatically. If a problem in the system occurs and it doesn’t shut off as scheduled, then this may lead to flooding and increase your utility bills.

It’s also possible that most of the system works, but one or more sprinkler heads might continue to run even after the rest have turned off. If this is the case, the controller might be the cause of the problem. Try switching off the controller, and if the system shuts off, then there might be a scheduling mistake or mechanical problem in the controller.

On the other hand, if the system still does not turn off after shutting down the controller, you should have a technician check your system. To turn it off in the meantime, you can shut off the water from its primary source.

Repair Damaged Equipment

If you have any damaged equipment, it’s best to repair them before summer rolls around the corner. Check for dry spots as these may indicate damaged sprinkler heads. Your sprinkler heads may have been damaged if a lot of debris has accumulated in the system. Other damages could also come from lawnmowers running over the equipment or people accidentally stepping on them. 

Assess the Height of the Sprinkler Heads  

For optimal watering, your sprinkler heads need to be at the right height. If you position it too low, it might not get as much coverage and may even lead to flooding. However, setting it too high could also damage the sprinkler. So, it’s best to remove the sprinklers from the ground to set them to the recommended height.

Final Thoughts

A fully functioning sprinkler system can help keep your lawn nice and hydrated in the summer heat. So, it’s essential to prepare your sprinkler system before summer comes. Check for leaks, make sure the sprinklers turn off as scheduled, repair any damages, and position the sprinkler heads at the right height for optimal watering.

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