Water is as important to your plants as it is to you. However, watering may become a chore, especially if you have a large garden to maintain. In the summer, imagine hauling a heavy watering can to the farthest corners of your garden every day, maybe twice a day if it gets too hot.

Your garden’s irrigation requirements are unique. This is a basic guide to help you pick which type you wish to use. Each form of irrigation has advantages and disadvantages that may differ depending on geographical location.

Types of Irrigation Systems:

1. Drip Irrigation

This kind of irrigation distributes water to crop roots one drop at a time. Drip irrigation delivers water under low pressure via plastic pipes equipped with emitters that control the flow rate. These pipes can be buried beneath the earth or placed on the ground.

Advantages of Drip Irrigation

  • Nutrients and fertilizers cannot reach each plant in soils with insufficient water availability. This is successfully handled by drip irrigation.
  • It is a sort of irrigation system that aids in water application efficiency.
  • It allows for field leveling. This allows you to plant appropriately.
  • Drip irrigation may operate regardless of the size of your land.
  • This kind of irrigation helps to prevent weed development and soil erosion.
  • You can control the amount of water under distribution.
  • Every root in the field can get enough water and nutrients.
  • With drip irrigation, you don’t need a helping hand to water your plants.

Disadvantages of Drip Irrigation

  • Its installation might be time-consuming and laborious.
  • Installing it may require court clearance in some regions.
  • Sun exposure may have an effect on the tubes and water pipelines.

2. Overhead Irrigation

This is an old-fashioned but effective type of irrigation. In this system, you use a large hose that you can connect to a tap, pond, or a tank. You can also use sprinklers and drip hoses. What you do is, you turn on the faucet, and the water will run down the hose. Then you connect it to a sprinkler or hose, and the water will run down the hose and spray water to the plants.

Advantages of Overhead Irrigation

  • It is very cost-effective, especially if you have a small garden.
  • It is also easy to install.
  • You can monitor water distribution easily and make necessary adjustments.
  • With this system, you can water your garden in a very short time.
  • You can choose from various irrigation heads positioned to suit your garden’s needs.

Disadvantages of Overhead Irrigation

  • Overhead irrigation can be very confusing in areas where the water is unevenly distributed.
  • It can be very time-consuming to set it up and refill.
  • It may cause soil erosion if the water pressure is not controlled.
  • The pipes can be damaged easily if not properly installed.
  • The water can pool up and become stagnant.
  • It will be difficult to water the lower parts of your garden.

3. Soaker Hose Irrigation

Soaker hoses are hoses with a lot of holes in them. So they’re also called trickle irrigation hoses. They are heavy-duty, flexible, and made of rubber. They are usually black in color. This system is also known as low-pressure drip irrigation.

Advantages of Soaker Hose Irrigation

  • Soaker hoses are very flexible in their uses.
  • They are easy to install.
  • You can set these systems up even on steep slopes.
  • They are less expensive than drip systems.
  • Soaker hoses are better than drip systems in areas with high groundwater.
  • Hoses and emitter tubing are more visible than other systems, so they are better in areas prone to theft.

Disadvantages of Soaker Hose Irrigation

  • When used in an area with a lot of sunlight, it can get damaged.
  • Soaker hoses are not as efficient in watering the lower parts of your garden.
  • Soaker hoses can be damaged easily by animals.


Irrigation can make all the difference in maintaining a healthy garden, and it’s especially important in the hot, dry climates of the west, where sports fields are more common. And by knowing the type of irrigation system you want to install can save time and money.

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