sprinkler heads of different colors

Having a high-quality sprinkler irrigation system for your property has multiple benefits for you as an owner or property manager. First off, if it works well, then you’re sure to get a great-looking lawn. But more importantly, a good irrigation system will save you money, time, and effort.

To build towards an efficient irrigation system, you need to have the right sprinkler head for your needs. However, there’s always a chance that you’ll make the wrong decision. 

As a way to make better choices, here is a quick guide on choosing the right sprinkler head before start irrigation system installation.

Sprinkler Types You Should Consider

Rotating Sprinkler

If you have a medium to a large lawn, in terms of size, rotating sprinkler heads might be the best option. They are equipped with the technology to rotate 360 degrees or at least a wide-angle, which can help cover the large area. This type of sprinkler system calls for strong water pressure, and it can handle complex areas, including slow-draining soil and land slopes. 

Pop-up Style

One of the first questions asked by irrigation experts is whether you want to opt for popping sprinkler heads or not. When you go with pop-up sprinklers, you’ll have them popping up when they need to work and retracting when they are not in use. With this added feature, the possible damage from lawnmowers or humans passing through will be significantly reduced. And the view of your lawn will be uninterrupted when the sprinklers are hidden from view!

Shrub Style

On the other hand, if you have higher and taller plants in your yard, it might be best to opt for a shrub-style sprinkler head. These sprinklers are meant for above-ground installments, usually placed on top of pipes, extensions, and elevated risers.

With today’s newer and modern sprinkler models, most people stray away from this type of sprinkler and only consider it if they can’t go for other choices.

Spray Head

If you have a smaller yard, the spray head sprinklers will be perfect for you. They give off mist-type water for a more fine approach. As a result, the range is significantly shorter than your usual rotating sprinkler, but spray heads can water more in less time.


For special coverage, you can opt for bubbler nozzles. They are perfect for those who want to saturate a smaller area, which most sprinklers cannot do. Bubblers concentrate their watering systems near the ground, allowing water to go deeper than the surface and lead water straight to the roots.

Micro Sprays

If you want to do more targeted watering, you can opt for micro-sprays. They are designed for bringing water straight into where you need it. Usually, micro sprays are placed under low-lying areas and narrow flower beds.


Features You Should Have In Your Sprinkler

Durable Materials

When you buy a sprinkler, make sure it can last for a long time. Some things you can search for are stainless steel, UV-resistant plastic, or a combination of both. These materials help increase the lifespan of the product and avoid wear and tear.

Protective Seals

Look for sprinkler heads with wiper seals or sealed gear drives. These protective seals help keep the water in and the elements, like dirt and debris, out.

Spring Retraction

If you’re going for a pop-up sprinkler system, a spring retraction can ensure that your sprinkler will be pushed back down when gravity can’t handle the job.

Final Thoughts

Sprinkler heads are the core of any irrigation system, so make sure that you get the right one. Once you pick out those that fit best for your property, you can call up experts to handle sprinkler installation for you.

If you are in need of a new sprinkler system installation in Tulsa, check out Extreme Irrigation & Lawn today. We are specialists in the design, installation, and repair of sprinklers for residential and commercial properties. Request a quote today to learn more!