sprinkler system

Your home needs ample care and proper yard tending. Perhaps you might even consider having your flowerbeds and vegetable garden watered by an automatic sprinkler system. However, not every homeowner is familiar with the operation of sprinklers. 

So without further ado, read on to discover more about sprinkler zones and the types of sprinklers that are right for your home.

The Sprinkler Area Zones

You may have a lawn in front and back of your house or a garden to grow your flowers, plants, and vegetables. This would be classified as an area zone that necessitates its own watering system.

The zones will have different sprinkler heads and irrigation systems to ensure sufficient watering coverage. When you call for an irrigation system installation in your yard, the supplier will calculate your watering needs and identify where more water is needed. For example, bushes use a lot less water than grass. An irrigation specialist will also determine the sun exposure of the zone.

After installation, the irrigation system can be programmed to irrigate each zone at the time of your choosing. You may even prefer more open grassland areas to a drip-irrigated flower bed. Then, you must decide how many and what kind of sprinklers to install in each zone.

Choosing Your Sprinklers

After you’ve generated a zone map, pick which sprinklers to use and where they should be installed. It is necessary to create zones that are significantly equivalent in size.

Later on, an irrigation company may undertake a water pressure and flow rate assessment. This allows them to plan the number of sprinklers to install in each zone and the length of time each zone will be wet.

The irrigation specialist will inspect the sprinklers and your water supply. They look at how water flows and how a sprinkler covers an area and certify that no region goes without water. Sprinklers should be spaced apart to ensure that water reaches the places that need it.

The Spray Head’s Drainage

As an irrigation system is watering, sprinkler heads are operating. Water is distributed in a fan pattern by sprinkler heads, which work the same way as a showerhead pours water and may even be set up to cover a 360-degree radius. 

They may cover a chunk of the land. The spray heads on most spray sprinkler heads could be tilted at 90, 120, 180, 210, and 360 degrees. Spray head sprinklers are most commonly employed in small areas. They can disperse a substantial volume of water, but not as far as other sprinkler heads.

Using Rotors for Your Home

Rotary head sprinklers, often known as rotors, spray water at a greater distance. These are commonly used to cover large grassy areas.

Sprinklers with rotatable heads emit water, and to cover a larger area, the sprinkler head adjusts its position. Slow water distribution comes with this sprinkler type than with a spray head sprinkler. As a result, it works best in locations with hills or a slope to prevent runoff.

A spinning head’s water stream can travel further than a spray head. It also reduces the effect of wind on the water stream. Rotary heads can also stream water over great distances and cover larger zones more efficiently.

Using Bubblers for Your Home

Bubbler sprinklers water plants and trees, as they have a better water distribution capacity than standard sprinkler heads. Bubblers are also used to accommodate specific landscape requirements such as trees, bushes, or flower or plant pots. 

Because of the higher rate at which this sprinkler produces water, it should be kept separate from other types of sprinklers to avoid overwatering.


Understanding how sprinkler systems and individual sprinkler heads work will help you create zones that satisfy your watering needs. This will significantly help you improve and learn more about irrigation systems or explore methods to enhance your current system. If you need any more assistance, seek professional services, especially when it comes to installing your irrigation system, zones, and sprinklers.

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