A healthy, green lawn is the pride and joy of any homeowner. To maintain a lush landscape, it’s essential to invest in an optimal sprinkler system design that caters to your lawn’s unique needs. A well-designed sprinkler system not only saves you time and effort but also ensures that your lawn receives the right amount of water at the right time.

 In this blog, we will share with you the top 5 sprinkler system design tips that will help you achieve optimal lawn health. From understanding your lawn’s water needs to choosing the right sprinkler heads, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we’ll introduce how we at Extreme Irrigation & Lawn can help you design and install the perfect sprinkler system for your lawn. So, let’s dive in!

1. Understand Your Lawn’s Water Requirements

Different grass types and landscape features have unique water requirements, affecting how your sprinkler system should be designed. Here are some factors to consider when assessing your lawn’s needs:

  • Grass Type: Warm-season grasses such as Bermuda and Zoysia typically require less water than cool-season grasses like Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass.
  • Soil Type: Clay soils retain water longer than sandy ones, affecting watering frequency and duration.
  • Sun Exposure: Areas with more sun exposure may require additional watering.
  • Slopes: Water tends to run off on slopes, so consider adding more sprinkler heads or installing drip irrigation systems to prevent over-watering.

2. Choose the Right Sprinkler Heads

Selecting the appropriate sprinkler heads is crucial for efficient water distribution across your lawn. There are various types to choose from, including:

  • Pop-Up Spray Heads: Best suited for small to medium-sized lawns and flower beds, pop-up spray heads distribute water evenly in a fan-like pattern.
  • Rotor Heads: Ideal for larger lawns, rotor heads rotate and shoot water at a slower rate, allowing for better water absorption.
  • Bubbler Heads: Designed for watering individual plants or trees, bubbler heads deliver a gentle trickle of water directly to the root zone.

Your sprinkler system design should match your landscape’s specific needs, combining different sprinkler heads for the best results.

3. Implement Proper Sprinkler Spacing and Zoning

Spacing and zoning are essential aspects of an effective sprinkler system design. Here’s how you can optimize your system:

  • Ensure Even Coverage: Properly space sprinkler heads to provide uniform water distribution and prevent over- or under-watering. This is typically achieved using a method called head-to-head coverage.
  • Divide Your Lawn into Zones: Group areas with similar water requirements (e.g., grass, flower beds, trees, and shrubs) into separate zones. This allows you to customize the watering schedule and duration for each zone, preventing over-watering and promoting healthy plant growth.

4. Opt for Smart Controllers

Upgrading to smart controllers can significantly improve your sprinkler system’s efficiency and help you maintain a healthy lawn. These modern devices use weather forecasts, local evapotranspiration data, and WiFi connectivity to determine the optimal watering schedule for your landscape. Some additional benefits include:

  • Reduced Water Waste: Smart controllers adjust watering schedules based on weather conditions, eliminating the need for manual intervention.
  • Remote Control: Many smart controllers allow you to manage your system and monitor your lawn’s health from a smartphone or tablet, making it easy to adjust settings on-the-go.

5. Schedule Regular Maintenance and Inspections

Consistent maintenance and inspection of your sprinkler system are essential to ensure it functions optimally and maintains your lawn’s health. Here are some valuable maintenance tips:

  • Inspect Your Sprinkler Heads: Regularly check for clogged, damaged, or misaligned heads and address issues promptly.
  • Monitor for Leaks: Look for any wet, soggy spots in your lawn, which may indicate a leak or inefficient water distribution.
  • Schedule Annual Check-Ups: Hire a professional sprinkler system company like Extreme Irrigation & Lawn to conduct thorough yearly inspections and perform any necessary repairs or adjustments.

How Extreme Irrigation & Lawn Can Help

Extreme Irrigation & Lawn is a locally owned and operated business specializing in sprinkler system design, installation, and repair throughout the Tulsa area. Our team of experts can help analyze your lawn’s unique water requirements and design a tailored sprinkler system to meet its needs. With our knowledge and experience, your lawn will thrive and make your home the envy of the neighborhood.


A well-designed sprinkler system is essential for maintaining a lush, vibrant lawn. By understanding your lawn’s water requirements, choosing the right sprinkler heads, implementing proper spacing and zoning, upgrading to smart controllers, and scheduling regular maintenance, you can enjoy a healthy, beautiful landscape year-round. 

Ready to transform your Tulsa lawn with expert sprinkler system installation services? Then look no further! Extreme Irrigation & Lawn is here to help Tulsa residents create and maintain the perfect lawn with our expert sprinkler system design and installation services. Let us help create the optimal sprinkler system design for your Tulsa property! Contact us today to request for a free quote!