sprinkler in grass

A sprinkler system may be one of the best inventions meant for landscaping. As homeowners invest 10 to 20 percent of their home’s value into landscaping, acquiring an excellent sprinkler system may be a good decision after all.

For households with an existing sprinkler in place, a few repairs and modernizations might be the only things needed to upgrade the current system to speed. However, if you prefer to fully update the current setup to the ones available in the market today, then it’s also a good move for better productivity.

When to Request for a Sprinkler System Repair

There are instances wherein a total overhaul of your current sprinkler system may not be necessary. Instead, a few repairs and upgrades should do the trick to enhance its performance. However, which signs do homeowners need to look at that hint at a much-needed repair?

Faulty Installation

Faulty installation may become a significant issue for home sprinkler systems. Although the problems may not manifest at first, they may become more evident at a time where you will need a replacement for them.

If possible, try to observe the sprinkler system by the time it is installed and see if there will be any changes in performance or quality of work. If there are noticeable instances, make sure to call for a sprinkler repair service right away to prevent further damage to the system.

Inconsistent Routine Maintenance

Although it doesn’t seem much, a consistent routine maintenance schedule may prevent issues within the sprinkler system. It may also be an effective way to mitigate future problems that could result in total system breakage.

Even if routine maintenance can become part of your monthly added cost, it is still cheaper than switching to a new sprinkler system a few times a year. All it takes is a simple call to inform your trusted maintenance company, and they can take care of routine maintenance with ease.

Common Malfunctions

Sprinkler systems will often show homeowners that something is wrong and needs repairs. Symptoms such as a soggy yard, brown patches on the grass, and moist concrete all affect a damaged or malfunctioning system.

Although homeowners can still use their broken sprinkler systems, it may result in terrible watering performance and lead to higher utility bills and a damaged yard. As soon as any of the symptoms arise, it’s best to call a dedicated sprinkler repair company right away to get the issues checked at once.

Uneven Watering

Overall, a sprinkler system in need of urgent attention and repair may not work well, unlike before. The most apparent symptom that there’s something wrong with it is uneven watering. The issue may not be noticeable at first. However, in the next few weeks, homeowners will see changes in their plants in areas where the water supply is not efficient and enough.

At times, there will be patches of dry land, indicating that there isn’t adequate water supplied through the sprinkler system. In other cases, an area can become too watery that the plants nearby are already drowning because of the excessive water produced. Uneven watering is a sign to call for help checking the system and doing necessary repairs right away.


Any of the signs listed above may lead to riskier and more damaging issues. Therefore, it’s always wise to hire a licensed and skilled sprinkler repair technician to take a look at the situation immediately. Even the highest-quality systems may malfunction on occasion. However, being ready for it can save people time and money on repairs.

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