irrigation system

The first step in upgrading your lawn watering system is by installing an irrigation system. You must begin the process by examining your lawn or garden area to prepare for the pipe and valve network of your water source. This network will form your lawn’s new watering systems. The most common today are automated sprinkler lawn watering systems with faster and more precise automatic sprinkle devices.

If you’re done with garden hoses and adjustable faucet sprinklers, your next stop is automated sprinkler systems. We will help you get there with this short installation guide.

How an Irrigation System Helps in Lawn Care

You need an irrigation system installation before upgrading to automated watering systems. It is the end of an everyday slog to water your lawns. It is a perfect solution for healthy lawns, gardens, tree backyards, or even urban farming for smaller vegetable or fruit backyards.

In this system, the delivery of water is instant. It goes directly to your fully automated irrigation sprinklers after installation. These sprinklers have automatic functions, including rain and freeze detection, anti-soaking, and minimum drip settings.

Steps in Installing Irrigation Systems

Once we’ve confirmed your final consultation date, we will arrive on the scheduled day to inspect the layout of your lawn property. You will receive the estimate after our inspection. Upon acceptance, we will return in a week to process the ordering of parts and materials.

Your power lines will be safe after we contact the call-before-you-dig hotline at 811. They will install markers to protect these underground lines. A day before plowing or trenching, please mow the lawn to prepare for the irrigation system installation.

We can install the irrigation using the trenching system with a 12” excavation. This deep dig takes up one to two months’ wait for grass regrowth. The other system is through plowing. Plowing is more labor-intensive because connections in the dirt will be manually made. It can take seven to ten days to regrow the lawn after the process.

Setting up the Sprinkler System

Installation is finished within a few hours. First, we will complete the excavation to lay the network of pipes and valves. Once complete, we will install the sprinklers, followed by sensors and control devices. As a final step, we will run a test to confirm the success of the project.

The new system features need to be tested as well, including the backflow feature to stop excess water from reaching the house, a brass gating sprinkler valve that controls water flow at the irrigation only, and the blow out tee function, which clears valve of remaining water to prevent breakage from freezing during winter.

Final Thoughts

To help upgrade your lawn watering systems, you have to contact irrigation system installation companies to get an appointment and set up the network first. This step will prepare it for the upgrade to automatic sprinkler systems that will make your lawn and garden maintenance at total convenience.

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