sprinkler system

Many people set up a sprinkler system at home because of its many benefits. They keep the yard in good condition, saving you time from having to manually water the lawn. A functional sprinkler system also helps you save money by keeping the water bill low.   

While most people rely on their sprinkler system to operate efficiently and take care of their yard, regular use can cause some problems. Knowing the signs of an issue is the best way to ensure it gets fixed quickly and that no other problems occur.

There are several things that can indicate it is time to call a professional for sprinkler repair services. Some of the most common ones are highlighted here.

Increase in Water Consumption

In many cases, a spike in usage is a sign of a leak that must be fixed immediately.

Consult with a professional so they can check your system and see if a pressure regulator or control valve is causing the problem. 

Parched Lawn and Soaked Spots

A well-functioning sprinkler system is a key to a healthy lawn. But if you notice indications like yellow patches of grass or areas too wet, the issue could be anything.

It can be from a broken sprinkler head or a cracked hose that needs to be replaced to incorrect zone settings. Or it could indicate an issue with the whole system. Water leaks can be dangerous, so keeping an eye on them is essential.

 A landscape professional can help you find the cause and restore proper water flow.

Valves That Constantly Drip

Your yard’s sprinkler system delivers the right amount of water to each zone through the back end. A properly working valve should never leak or drip, but if you see damp areas around filters or pressure regulators, there may be a problem. Small grass clippings and dirt build-up in the equipment can cause leaks, affecting the system’s performance. If you see any drips, don’t ignore them.

Off-Target Spraying 

If your sprinkler heads spray water off target, it could be due to pressure or valve issues. However, over time, the heads can also develop chips or cracks, which can cause them to misfire. Additionally, debris can accumulate in the heads and cause them to clog, resulting in off-target spraying.

Low Water Pressure 

Your yard won’t get enough water if the pressure is too low. Many fluctuations in pressure may be due to problems with the regulators and control valves, but the issue could also be the irrigation pipes. These pipes are vulnerable to movement and tree roots, just like plumbing pipes in a home. It is best to have a professional assess your pipes to resolve the problem quickly. 


If you notice any issues with your pipes, valves, sprinklers, or the facade of your lawn, it is best to contact the professionals. They can identify the root cause of the problem and help ensure your sprinkler system is running efficiently and that no further issues arise.

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