Watering your lawn can be a complicated process. If you don’t water your lawn, it can lead to a variety of lawn problems, and you don’t want your front yard to look like a barren wasteland. 

However, overwatering your lawn also poses a threat. If you let the grass of your front yard drown in too much water, it could harm it.

Using sprinklers is a great option for a clean and even sweep of your lawn. There are many ways to water your lawn efficiently if you know the right tips and tricks. Here is everything you need to know about sprinklers and how you can use them to effectively take care of your lawn.

Types of Sprinklers

There are many types of sprinklers to help with your irrigation process. The most common type of sprinklers are rotary sprinklers and spray heads, which are probably the first things you think of when you think about sprinklers.

They have different ways of operation and design and will benefit a specific type of lawn. Here are the main differences between the two and how you can use them effectively.

1. Rotary Sprinklers

Rotary sprinklers can contain high-pressure water to cover large areas. Their application rate can go for 0.2 and 0.5 inches per hour. If you have a larger garden or an open area in your front yard, then rotary sprinklers are probably your best bet.

They are a great cost-saving option that you can mount on permanent risers or quick coupling valves. There are even some forms of rotary sprinklers that you can place right on the soil surface. It will pop up when you need it to. This is perfect for turf areas that are difficult to reach with lawnmowers.

2. Spray Heads

Spray heads are designed more for lower pressure water compared to rotary sprinklers. They are perfect for smaller areas, applying 1 to 2 inches per hour with a coverage of 10 feet to 20 feet. 

Despite its strength, there is a limit to their use and length of application, especially if you live in areas with heavy soils. They are not so ideal for smaller or narrow turf areas or even irregularly shaped ones.

You can also mount these sprinklers on permanent risers, and they have many configurations to adapt to any area shape. There are full circles, half-circles, quarter circles, and even square-shaped ones. 

Regardless of what type of sprinkler you have, any sprinklers should be installed on a swing joint or flexible riser. These allow it to be adjusted and prevent any damages from the underground pipe in case it is run over by heavy equipment.

How to Space Out Sprinklers

When you are setting up your sprinklers, spacing is an important aspect. Sprinklers typically apply more water at their center. If you want an even and uniform water application over your lawn, you need to space out your sprinklers accordingly. 

Make sure you properly measure it out so that it overlaps in a way that evenly distributes the irrigation.


Sprinklers are the best way to evenly water your lawn. Choosing the best sprinkler for your lawn is a good investment to make sure your lawn appears shiny and immaculate. 

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