Irrigating a piece of land at home requires a lot of consideration. Since it isn’t easy to install a pipeline and supply water to grow plants in a household, homeowners should look at the most common factors that can make or break a home irrigation system. But for newbies, what do they have to consider before calling a professional contractor to irrigate a garden?

1. Land Type

The type of land you have to work on will define the quality of the irrigation system you should install. If you have a big garden, you can use a sprinkling system, while if you have a trim level ground, you can install a drip tube.

2. Irrigation System Type

There are lots of options when it comes to selecting the right irrigation system for your home. However, most homeowners prefer drip irrigation systems because they are more practical and easy to install. A sound irrigation system is simply the most reliable when it comes to watering your plants and trees. With the right plan set up, you don’t have to check if your plants lack water.

3. Water Supply

How can you irrigate your plants or garden if there isn’t any water? Before installing the irrigation system, you must ensure that you have a constant supply of water. The water supply system must be located under a water meter to be alerted if there is something wrong with the water.

4. Cost

It will be a significant investment to hire a professional irrigation contractor to install a system in your household. They will establish the best plan that won’t fail to satisfy your needs. The cost of irrigation system installation and maintenance will be worth it. In the long run, you’ll be saving up on money since you won’t have to spend on purchasing water and paying for the water bill.

5. Budget

It’s easier to set a budget if you already have a home irrigation system with a specific purpose. But if you don’t have an irrigation system, you should consider hiring a contractor to design and install a plan that will satisfy your needs.

6. Maintenance

Irrigation is about water, and water is about the quality of the system. If you have an irrigation system installed, you should have a professional check and repair it from time to time to make sure the system is in good condition.

7. Duration

The duration of your irrigation duration is another important factor. You should specify the time your irrigation system is on. The time will depend on the type of plants you’re growing.

8. Warranty

Since lots of parts are being used in the system, you should make sure that the details are covered with a warranty. This way, you won’t spend much on repairing broken parts. The contractor should also be willing to pay for the pieces up to the amount stated on the warranty.

As a homeowner, you have to know how much these things cost. Without them, you won’t be able to set a budget and get the best irrigation system.


There are lots of factors to consider when installing an irrigation system at home. However, it’s best to hire a professional irrigation contractor who will make sure that your irrigation system will suit your needs and last long.

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