Sprinkler systems are the unsung heroes of garden maintenance. The reason why your lawn looks lush and green all year long is that your sprinklers provide enough water for your grass to thrive. Without them, you could be looking at dead plants way more often.

That said, sprinkler systems aren’t immune to breaking. Here are some common problems you might encounter:

A Broken Sprinkler Controller

A broken sprinkler controller can lead to many other issues. It’s because the controller is responsible for activating and deactivating the system at appropriate times. It also controls how evenly the water will cover your lawn by allocating just the right amount.

Some signs that your controller is malfunctioning is if the system’s consistency is off. Try to note how long the sprinklers are activated and if this remains consistent throughout a few days. If the system isn’t capable of operating on automatic mode, that could also be a sign of a problem.

Leaks in Your System

Leaks in your sprinkler system are another common problem you could encounter. You’ll want to fix it ASAP because they’re great at running up your water bill. To know if your system suffers from a leak, try to watch the different zones covered by the sprinklers.

If you notice water constantly leaking in one or more zones, it’s a definite sign that the valve diaphragm responsible for water flow is defective. A blockage in the valve could also cause leaks due to an ineffective installation.

A Defective Relay System

A defective relay system means your sprinkler heads may not work. This system is a magnetic switch that activates the entire sprinkler system, so if it’s not working, your sprinkler heads could fail to pop up, or they could merely function sub-optimally.

One way to tell if you’ve got a defective relay system is if you notice a static-like buzzing noise around your pump. If you do hear it, call your irrigation company immediately to fix the problem for you.

An Inefficient Head Height

An inefficient head height is a common problem that, surprisingly, not many people spot until they notice parts of their lawn looking bad from the rest of it. Your sprinkler’s head height needs to be installed appropriately so that all zones in your lawn are properly covered.

If you notice that your lawn looks uneven, it’s a good indicator that your irrigation professional didn’t install the head height efficiently. Neglecting to resolve the issue could lead you to look at specific areas drowning in the water while other patches remain dried up.

Inadequate Water Pressure

Poor water pressure is also one of the leading causes of your lawn getting unequal and inadequate coverage. Its causes vary, so it’s better to hire irrigation repair services to let a professional assess the situation and nip the problem in the bud.

Inadequate water pressure can result from blockage, faulty hardware, broken pipes, or backend issues. Another reason why you might be facing this problem is if your system was installed without keeping the current operating pressure in mind.


Having a sprinkler system is incredibly helpful in keeping your lawn lush and healthy and maintaining a beautiful garden. If you’re facing any of these common problems, it’s best not to come up with DIY solutions and, instead, contact your local irrigation company to help you solve the issues.

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